Boat Description

Woorabinda is a high-quality Catamaran with a large 20 guest capacity. The open plan layout offers a 360-degree view of the spectacular Sydney Harbour, with plenty of space to entertain. With 2 large nets for relaxing and a covered interior with chairs and a large table for food and drinks, it is an accommodating and enjoyable vessel. Features include a complete bathroom with shower, BBQ (staff can cook food), eskies, galley (kitchen) and modern surround sound speaker system with Bluetooth/AUX capabilities. A floating mat and paddleboard are available for hire. Woorabinda sets sail and explores all the main sites before stopping at a beautiful beach for food and a quick swim.

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Boat Hire Fees

Saturdays & All December Rates: $1,500 (4 hours)

All Other Days: $1,400 (4 hours)

Whilst flexible with charter timing the preferred time for a lunch charter is no later than a 1.00pm start, and preferred time for a sunset charter is no earlier than a 5.00pm start

Please note: Bucks Parties are 3 hours maximum (4 hour hire charge applies)

Public Holidays: $2,100 (4 Hrs), additional hours @ $450phr

New Years Eve: $12,000

New Years Day: $2,250 (5 hour charter)

Any Other Fees

Wharf Fees: $100 per charter ($50 per wharf)

BYO Fee: $150 (applies to Food &/or Beverages)

Ice: Can be provided at $5 per bag

Microphone: Can be provided for $150

Floating Mat Hire x 1: $50

Stand-up Paddle Board x 1: $50

See Entertainment Pricing



Sandwiches @ $10.00 each (min order 8 sandwiches)

Baguettes/Wraps @ $12.00 each (min order 8)

Sandwiches made on wholewheat & quinoa & soy organic sourdough

Baguettes are made on white crispy fresh baked bread

Sandwiches, Baguettes & Wraps are cut into ¼'s

  • Double Smoked Ham, swiss cheese, tomato, pear and apple chutney
  • Poached Chicken Breast, avocado, mayo and toasted almonds
  • Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, avocado, capers and Spanish onion
  • Chargrilled Vegetables, pesto, ricotta and baby spinach
  • Corned Beef, tomato pickles, tasty cheese and mayo
  • Portuguese Chicken Breast, mayo, chilli jam, mixed leaves
  • Tuna, lemon mayo, nectarine and corn relish, cucumber and pickled onion
  • Salad Sandwich with avocado, tomato, cucumber, carrot, capsicum, ricotta



Your choice of meat, freshly cooked on the BBQ & served with rocket & parmesan salad and fresh bread rolls

  • Gourmet Sausages freshly cooked on the BBQ (Vegetarian/Vegan/GF option available): $15 per person
  • Homemade Wagyu Beef Burgers cooked on the BBQ, served with cheese slices (Chicken/Vegetarian/Vegan/GF option available): $20 per person
  • Or enjoy a mixture of burgers and sausages: $25 per person
  • Mixed Kebabs (Choice of Honey Soy Chicken, Moroccan Lamb, Smokey BBQ Beef, Rosemary Lamb, Korean Pork): $25 per person



Cold Finger Food

(Minimum 12 per item)

  • Roast pumpkin, goat's cheese & tomato frittata - $3.40 each
  • Cocktail pork & fennel rolls - $3.50 each
  • Cocktail Spanakopita (feta & spinach filo triangles) - $3.40 each
  • Cocktail sausage rolls - $3.40 each
  • Cocktail Smoked salmon & dill quiche - $3.60 each


Gourmet Sliders

Made on mini milk buns

  • Slow cooked beef brisket (minimum 24 per order) - $3.90 each
  • Chicken schnitzel (minimum 12 per order) - $3.90 each
  • Roast vegetable & goat's curd (minimum 12 per order) - $3.90 each
  • Smoked salmon & cream cheese (minimum 12 per order) - $3.90 each


SALAD PLATTERS (serves 20+)

$75.00 each

  • Wild Rice Salad - brown and wild rice with sultanas, almonds, toasted coconut and lemon honey mustard dressing.
  • Asian Coleslaw - red & Chinese cabbage with shallots, coriander, mint, sesame seeds, pepitas and a sweet chilli and lime dressing.
  • Wild Rocket, Roasted Pumpkin & Pine nut Salad - with cherry tomatoes, goats cheese served with balsamic dressing.
  • Israeli Couscous Salad -w/fresh herbs, cherry tomato & chilli with a lemon & garlic dressing.
  • Quinoa & Roasted cauliflower salad - with cashews, currants, roast cauliflower & chickpea.
  • Seasonal Roast Vegetables - $85.00



Tiger Prawns served with lemon, seafood sauce and freshly sliced baguette

  • Small (serves 12–15): $120
  • Medium (serves 15–25): $170
  • Large (serves 25+): $220



$150 (serves 20 people)

Cold meats, marinated olives, cheeses, homemade dips, pate. Served with crackers.



$130 (serves 20 people)

Full side Salmon, smoked and sliced with capers, dill, & served with sides of wasabi cream & pickled onion.



Serves 20 people

  • A variety of bite size Sushi Rolls Platter: $60
  • A variety of cooked and fresh Salmon Platter: $70



Serves 20 people

A range of Australian & European cheeses served with crackers.

  • $100 (4/5 cheeses)
  • $130 (5/6 cheeses)
  • $160 (7/8 cheeses)



(30 × 40cm) 24 to 32 portions - $145.00

  • Orange & Almond cake (GF, DF)
  • Flourless chocolate & raspberry cake (GF)
  • Chocolate & walnut brownie (GF)
  • Blueberry & lime baked cheese cake
  • Apple & rhubarb crumble
  • Carrot & walnut cake

BYO Beverages Only

Disposable Cups are provided

Ice can be provided at $6 per bag